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Pueblo Tires & Service

2020 Winner: Tire Dealer/Repair

4115 N. 23rd Street, Mcallen, TX 78504

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When you think tires, do you automatically think Pueblo? After nearly 50 years serving South Texas, many people do, and there are good reasons why beyond the company’s signature slogan, “Think Tires… Think Pueblo!” “It’s about integrity,” said Pueblo Tires and Service owner Ricky Ivey. “We’re honest with our customers. And we’re honest with our associates ( employees). Our motto has not changed in a very long time, and I don’t think it’ll ever change. Positive growth through honesty – that’s our pledge.” Pueblo Tires and Service has been a family-owned business since 1972, when Ivey’s parents, Charles and Mary Joyce, and a former partner began selling tires out of an old cotton delinting plant in Brownsville, close to where Gladys Porter Zoo now stands. Today, Pueblo Tires and Service has 13 locations in five counties, including two stores in Alice and two in McAllen. From golf cart tires to farm tractor and big rig tires, the Pueblo chain has one of the largest tire inventories in South Texas. We discovered a long time ago that if you don’t have it in inventory, you won’t get the sale,” Ivey said. “It’s a amazing what we have in stock in order to fill the needs of the community. It’s not any one little thing that separates us from the competition, it’s everything that we do. It’s like a big machine and we have to keep it going.” To keep the Valley moving, Pueblo provides an array of vehicle maintenance services, including alignments, oil and fluid changes, batteries, brake repairs, belts and hoses, cooling, and electrical systems repair, and much more. In short, Pueblo has just about everything you need to keep your vehicle running at peak performance. “We love to hear from people after they re-shoe their mule,” Ivey stated. “People will call back and say, ‘It’s driving like a brand-new car.’ They’re right. It does drive like new. All you have to do is change the oil, the tires, align the wheels, and do your general maintenance. It makes a tremendous difference.” As with other companies, Pueblo has had to modify its business practices in the era of Covid-19, though many of its customer service perks which have been in place for years. Pueblo offers appointments, pickup and delivery of your vehicle, and even mobile installation service. Pueblo can install your vehicle’s tires in your driveway, or parking lot at work with little to no physical contact. The Pueblo website LIVE CHAT feature allows customers to get the answers to all their questions without having to set foot in the store. “We’ve been doing this since before Covid-19, and before 2020,” said Ivey. “The only difference is that we have now ‘turned the key’ so to speak by accepting mobile payments. It was kind of a scary step, but we’ve gone ahead and done that as far as expanding the abilities and the use of our website. It’s been a tremendous boost.” Pueblo has also adapted to financial constraints caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. From mobile payments to financing options, Pueblo has made it easier than ever to get what you need without breaking the bank. “If you don’t qualify for a particular credit card, chances are you’re still going to get financing,” vowed Ivey. “There’s different ways to do this now. It used to be common that people got turned down and they would mope out. That’s just the way it was, but now we’re offering numerous forms of financing that customers can apply for in store or online. It’s a rarity that we can’t work out some kind of payment plan for a customer.” Pueblo Tires and Service has won The Monitor’s Readers’ Choice award nearly half a dozen times over the years. Ivey says he has thought about expanding the chain to Houston and San Antonio, but in the end decided to focus on South Texas and the Valley, which he has called home since 1986, when he moved down to take the reins of the family business. Being a Readers’ Choice, he says, is very humbling. “What a great honor for Pueblo, and for myself and for my wife Ana, who so beautifully fixes and decorates the offices and showrooms, and for my whole family,” said Ivey. “We’re excited about winning the Readers’ Choice award. Every year from now on I’ll look forward to winning it. I believe we have finally achieved a place in the market where we can say we’re the Valley’s true authority in tires and service.”


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